I’m a journalism grad student at the University of Kansas. This semester, I have been a contributor to PoliticalFiber.com. I also have experience writing for The Hollywood Reporter, The Lawrence Journal-World, the Christian Science Monitor, the Kansas City Star, and NPR.



Need Birth Control or Plan B? Don’t Go to a Pharmacist Who Morally Objects
A bill under consideration in the Kansas House could open the door for pharmacists to refuse to fill prescriptions for contraception on moral grounds, and would make Kansas one of nine states to legally protect a pharmacist’s right to refuse.

Kansas Lawmakers Advance Bill Defunding Remedial Courses at Public Universities
Administrators say KU’s remedial math class could be on the chopping block if the Senate approves the bill, forcing students to take the course at a community college.

Can Democrats Recapture the Youth Vote This Time Around?
Democratic activists across the country are adjusting to a new reality — one in which young voters may need more prodding to get to the polls than they did in 2008.

Kansas Could Be One of Four States to Allow Concealed Guns on Campuses
In the near future, Kansas college students may be allowed to pack guns along with their books and iPods when they head to class.

Conservative or More Conservative: A Battle For Kansas
With Kansas’s six electoral votes expected to go to the eventual Republican presidential nominee, voters looking to make a bigger impact might be better served paying attention to a less glamorous contest: the battle for the Kansas Senate.


Conversation: Should Kansas Allow Pharmacists to Refuse to Provide Contraception for Moral Reasons?
Reproductive rights advocates say the bill could open the door for pharmacists to deny drugs such as the “morning-after” pill and other types of contraception.

Conversation: Should Kansas Consider Altering or Eliminating its ‘Stand Your Ground’ Law?
The killing of Florida teen Trayvon Martin has put the spotlight on the state’s “Stand Your Ground Law.” Kansas passed a law similar to Florida’s in 2007, and is one of about 20 states to do so.

Interactive Map: A Comparison of Births and Abortions in Kansas
Reproductive health continues to be a contentious issue in Kansas. To understand what areas would be most affected by proposed changes, here is a breakdown of births and abortions in Kansas.


All Tech Considered

Lost Privacy, Naivete On The Internet
When it comes to online privacy, I’m like a smoker circa 1965. I don’t want to admit there’s a problem. But being willfully apathetic isn’t doing it for me this week. There’s been so much privacy news that even I’m starting to get worried.

Six Spectacular Minutes That’ll Cost You $200,000
Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo will eventually take tourists into space for $200,000 a ticket. It’s an amazing opportunity, for sure. But what are the passengers really paying for?

Intern Edition (multimedia)

25 is the new 16: How the economy is delaying adulthood for many
Starting adulthood is never easy, but unemployment and college debt have made things tough for today’s young people. One couple actually met because the economy was bad, but are now having trouble moving forward for the same reason.

People’s District
In a bustling city like Washington D.C., it can be difficult to meet people, even your own neighbors. But every day, Danny Harris has a conversation with a stranger. He posts the stories they tell on his website, People’s District: A People’s History of Washington D.C.

The mechanics of Mashups
When mashup DJs listen to a song, they don’t just hear to what’s there. They hear what could be there. They create something new by combining two or more songs, sometimes from very different genres.

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